Welcome to Two Chefs Restaurant and Pastry Shop


Who are the two chefs?

Rafael Guzman, the savory chef, and
Cassandra Clough, the pastry chef, both graduated from Vermont's New England
Culinary Institute in 2006. Rafael grew up in Puerto Rico where he started
cooking at the age of 16. After graduating with his AOS in culinary arts, he
went on to work in Boston and New York City. In New York he worked at Craft, Tom
Colicchio's restaurant of Bravo's Top Chef. Cassandra grew up here in central
Massachusetts where she began baking at Salem Cross Inn at the age of 17. After
graduating with her AOS in Baking and Pastry Arts she went on to work at various
bakeries and coffee shops throughout the Massachusetts area. Now they have
joined forces to bring great food and pastries to the Spencer Area.